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We have more than 2,000 sex dolls, which will be added in the future. You can choose kinds of love dolls. The following is the classification of our popular sex dolls.

About SexyprettyDoll

We are an adult products company that develops and sells life-size sex dolls + Agency brand sex dolls. At present, we develop, produce and sell HR DOLL, and provide TPE Sex Doll, TPE body+Head Silicone Sex Doll, US Warehouse, and other materials made of love dolls. we take the factory direct sales model. we will guarantee the brand price and quality 100% for you. If you are a big fan of HR dolls, we give you more welfare.

At the same time, we get permission from WM Doll, 6YE Doll, SE Doll, and more, and we get the brand's certificate of Agency. However, we have not stopped, in order to meet the needs of customers, we will continue to develop new best-real dolls in features, make more types of dolls, and get more well-known brands of doll agents.

On the sex doll fraud: whether the factory of direct sales or brand agents, the same real doll on the market price fluctuations will not be very large. If you find the price difference between new love dolls from the same brand is too large, there is a 99% chance that the love doll is not the real thing. It could be an empty package, a doll made of poor quality materials, a product that doesn't match up, and more。

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Why Choose Sexyprettydoll

Do you feel lonely and bored? Do you need the perfect sexual partner more? Do you want to explore new things? When you decide to buy a sex doll, you will be able to implement your idea to a large extent.

Buying sex toys is a big decision, and you don't want to invest thousands of dollars in low-quality, low-quality sex toys. When investing in dolls, the first thing you look for is quality. Is this supplier legal? Are they selling replicas or real love dolls?

Choosing Sexyprettydoll is a great plan.


Factory direct sales

  • There will be no out-of-stock situation
  • Can be more flexible to deal with all kinds of situations;
  • Partial customization is accepted, but it is relatively expensive (details can be found on the custom sex doll page);
  • If the doll you receive is damaged or incorrectly described, or was not what you were hoping for, we’ll send you a replacement or refund you your money to be repaid. It’s that easy.

Sexyprettydoll-safe shipping

Safe and fast shipping

  • Can be stable, safe, and fast delivery of products.
  • Inform the customer logistics situation on time
  • We support free shipping(FREE Shipping by UPS/FedEx/TNT/DHL)
  • Our products are shipped around the world, but for some special reasons, we are unable to deliver them (please refer to the logistics and transportation page)


Warm service

  • Real dolls are very much, if you have more specific needs, please contact WhatsApp: +1(628)283-8550 . I will face your needs, choose a suitable doll for you, and will try to solve your problems. 
  • If you have any unexpected problems after receiving the doll, we provide after-sales services, such as clear doll manuals, returns, exchanges, etc., please contact the email:

Tip: We'll set up official pages on multiple social media sites to post new products, factory photos, user feedback photos, videos, doll stories, festivals, benefits, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you clean up your sex dolls?

I suggest half a month to a month large-scale clean-up.

Clean the tools used in the love doll

Antibacterial soap,Water,Baby Powder,Light sponge,Cotton swabs,Non-abrasive dry cloth,Medical Clamp,Power tissues.

Clean up the doll

Use a light sponge and antibacterial soap to gently clean your love doll. Use light pressure when cleaning the doll. When cleaning dolls, it is important that the neck and head are not too wet or immersed in water, as this may cause neck screws to rust.

How to Clean My Doll Hole?

Apply warm water and antibacterial soap to the cotton swab sponge.

You can now use this sponge to clean the hole. Insert the sponge into the hole with medical pliers until it is clean.

After two wipes, the orifice should be clean, allowing you to insert a second dry sponge to remove excess soap or water.

After successfully drying the doll, you can apply baby powder on the outside of the hole.more

TPE sex doll, the price is relatively low, through high temperature casting, making the doll skin relatively soft, suitable for making the body of the doll. At the same time need room temperature careful storage, easily contaminated with dust.

Silicone sex doll, relatively high price, room temperature casting, making the doll is very realistic, not easy to be dyed, suitable for making the head of the doll and some sexual organs. Long service life.more

Skin Care

TPE sex doll care: Apply Baby Oil all over her body at least once a month (the oil will be absorbed in 30-60 minutes) . Areas with more stretching, such as the legs and armpits, may also require additional care. Apply Petroleum Jelly or Nivea Cream Weekly. These may take as long as 6-12 hours to fully absorb. Note: TPE Doll’s skin is easy to stain. Please don’t dress her in clothes that fade easily

Silicone sex doll care

almost no care is required, but there are a few things to be aware of. Do not use care products containing mineral oils (baby oil, Vaseline, Nivea Cream)

Bone care

The doll’s normal position is a relaxed standing position, do not let her long bending, so as not to distort.

Do not overextend her limbs or apply excessive pressure to the bones’ natural range of motion, as this can lead to damage over time.

Heat attention

The doll should not be heated to more than 50 degrees, any higher temperature will cause the material to be too soft and thus prone to deformation. So the temperature should be controlled properly.

The sex doll is a relatively luxury commodity, in order to prolong the life of the doll and the state of the doll when used, we can carry out proper maintenance.

We may be buying a doll for the first time, so we are not very clear about the maintenance of the doll.

TPE sex doll
If you find that your doll is not that soft, you can apply some mineral oil. The general process is to first clean your doll, dry it, massage it on the oil after the doll is completely dry, wait for the oil to be fully absorbed, and then start powdering with baby powder. (Mineral oil doesn’t need to be used very often, but talcum powder does.) Check at least once a month, and for TPE dolls, the more often the better.

Keep your doll dry. You must actively clean the doll after use, but be sure to wipe it off with a towel after use.

Expose sensitive crevices of sex dolls to air when not in use.

1. Sex dolls use a lot of material

2. The manufacturing process is complex

3. The cost of production is high

Select Brand Doll
There is also a brand of dolls that is more reassuring, and choosing a brand of dolls is more guaranteed

Find more stores

When you know more than one store, you can get a doll for an approximate price

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There are a lot of fake reviews out there, but there are also more real ones

Check if the real agent

Check if the real agent
There are many counterfeit products on the market now. You can check their certificate if you want to find the real one. To be even safer, you can choose to come to the official baby brand website to find customer service to ensure whether the agent has access to the agent.

Direct contact with on-site customer service
If you know a lot about dolls, you will be able to get enough information in your chat with customer service.

When you place an order with Sexypretty doll and have paid for it, you will be entitled to receive your order status. Please contact our customer service

1. Online customer service, directly leave your questions and email, we will reply as soon as possible

2. Direct email: ashley@sexyprettydoll. Com.

A well maintained TPE sex doll can last from 2 to 5 years. Silicone sex dolls can be used almost indefinitely, but an average of 10 years is absolutely normal.