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About Sexyprettydoll

SexyprettyDoll is a distributor and manufacturer of specialized sex dolls. We work with more than 20 manufacturers worldwide to ensure our products’ diversity.SexyprettyDoll enables people to live a happy life and improve their quality of life. Everyone should consider trying sex dolls without having to give anyone any explanation because it is very realistic and safe. For example, unwanted pregnancy, and acquiring AIDS.

When Xiaoya Luo couldn’t find a brand that could meet all of our sex doll needs, we created SexypretyDoll at the Linear Doll Mall. We knew there would be someone looking for the highest quality sex dolls at the best prices, and SexypretyDoll’s mission is to provide the best products to meet that need. We do our best to satisfy your taste, online budget, privacy and of course the concerns of our customers while shopping.

We have 4 global business companies in USA and China with 10+24h customer service department, marketing department, hourly styling department, product development department, molding department, marketing department, styling department, product development department, molding department, production workshop, makeup workshop, quality department, logistics and transportation department, product experience department, etc.

We have 4 global business companies in the US and China, each department is divided to work together to fulfill orders, 24/7 customer service department, marketing department, makeup department, product development department, sculpture department, product development department, molding department, production plant, makeup department, quality department, logistics, and transportation department, product experience department

SexyprettyDoll has a great team of makeup artists, designers and sculptors. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving each manufacturing step to reach the pinnacle of every detail. We spare no effort in investing heavily in research and development to create new products with new, closer to human characteristics, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeletons.

Founder of about sexyprettydoll

Xiaoya Lu​o ​Founder of SexyprettyDoll​

My vision is to be the leading sex doll distributor. I want to have thousands of sex dolls from all of the world's well-known names on our website.

I want to have my staff available 24/7 to help our customers with any need and we want to eventually have offline brick-and-mortar stores in all major cities in North America. Creating love and pleasure is the mission of SexyprettyDoll.

I want to bring the best service to our customers so that we can bring true joy to their lives. I want my partners to grow with us because I want our work to be not just "making" but "creating".

Sexyprettydoll has many types of sex dolls, including TPE, silicone, latex, and other materials. You can customize selections and even you can customize sex dolls!

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Medical TPE/Silicone Non-toxic and non-hazardous 100% safe

Sexyprettydoll.com dolls are made of high-quality TPE and silicone, there is no cheap alternative
Sexyprettydoll.com sex dolls are made from certified quality silicone and TPE materials. This means our sex dolls are easy to clean, safe, and most importantly, they feel real.

We will have 3 shipping locations and inspect them personally before forwarding them to FedEx or UPS. You can rest assured that we make sure your sex dolls are made exactly the way you want them to be. We also provide factory photos prior to shipping so you can approve them yourself upon request.

All of our sex dolls are manufactured using CE, ROHS, 6P, and MSDS-certified facilities. The materials used in all sex dolls are high-quality medical-grade materials that are phthalate free and safe for use.

We carefully select our manufacturers and brands and only allow brands with a perfect track record of high quality, customer satisfaction, and manufacturing practices to work with us.

We receive orders from the United States and France, and you will normally receive an anonymous delivery in 3-7 days.

All products on sexyprettydoll.com support free shipping worldwide.

After sex dolls are made and packaged, we will take pictures of the package and various international shipping documents and send them to you.

For retail orders, we usually use DHL, FedEx, UPS and other courier companies.

We have very tight packaging, which is completely invisible from the outside, to prevent revealing customer privacy.

You can pay with PayPal to keep your money safe, and we have several 5 customer service staff to handle any questions you may have as soon as possible

 US warehouse address:60 Enterprise Ave N,Unit 4,Secaucus,NJ 07094,United States

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