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     Founded in 2022, AngelKiss Doll is a brand under wm doll. Currently, AngelKiss Doll is one of the most professional silicone sex dolls in the world.

     AngelKiss Doll Factory specializes in the production of silicone dolls. Various professional departments have researched every detail, such as material ratio, touch, product life cycle, and makeup matching. Only to give customers the best silicone dolls.

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     Zhongshan Jinsan Model Props Co., Ltd., referred to as "jinsan dolls", is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong.
The company is a professional simulation model props and physical doll manufacturer integrating production and sales. The company is committed to developing, developing, and producing national patent products. It is also the earliest manufacturer in China to use TPE material to make solid dolls.
     The company's brand "Jin San wan mei" entity doll, referred to as "Jin San Doll" in the industry, its TPE raw materials are imported from abroad; the material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless to the human body; coupled with its advanced and unique production technology, the produced entity The surface skin of the doll is smooth, delicate and full of elasticity, which has the same soft touch, elasticity and visual sense as natural skin; it also has a built-in full-body simulated human skeleton, which can imitate more than 85% of real-life actions and postures; the company's latest smart doll, The whole body is heated at a constant temperature close to the actual temperature of the human body, and it is equipped with a touch-on proper function.
     From raw material procurement and production to finished product testing, we strictly control the quality of each production line. The company's four certificates, material inspection, finished product inspection, and other certificates, should be complete. Since the launch of Jinsan physical dolls, the authenticity, touch, appearance, frequency of new releases, market share, etc., of the beauties have far surpassed all other TPE physical doll manufacturers in the same industry! WM Doll is a long-time supplier of SexyprettyDoll

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AngelKiss Doll produces and sells full silicone and TPE solid dolls, etc., and has more information about the latest professional product parameters, real-time quotations, market conditions, high-quality commodity wholesales, and suppliers related to full silicone solid dolls. If you want to be a wholesale agent, add Ms. Luo WeChat: xueerdoll or contact us via the email below

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