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What is Nahida Sex Doll?

Nashida is a fictional character in the video game "Yuanshin," developed by MiHoYo. She is the ruler of Xumi, a fictional country in the game, and the grass god "Buyer", one of the seven rulers in the world, and is honored by the locals as "Little Auspicious Grass King". Nahida is the current Dendro Archon, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanagi, and was introduced as a playable character in Genshin Impact version 3.2. As a playable character, she is a catalyst user that can use the power of Dendro. AXB Doll developed and designed this Nahida sex doll, which is now only sold on the SexyprettyDoll website, To satisfy people's sexual needs for nahida doll sex

Nahida Character Introduction

Nahida is a playable Dendro character in Genshin Impact. She is the vessel of Buer, as Lesser Lord Kusanali, the current Dendro Archon. Having been freed from her extensive confinement in the Sanctuary of Surasthana, she now strives to have a stronger presence in Sumeru.

Character Demo - "Nahida: Boundless Bliss" | Genshin Impact

When I woke up, I was riding in a flower carriage; I'd just had a dream... I dreamed it was my birthday; in the invention, the Knight of Flowers and his retainers found me, "Oh Archon, we've finally found you. The people can't wait to meet you", The Sabzeruz Festival began, and everyone smiled as they gathered around me. Finally, I got back on the carriage and waved goodbye; when I woke up, I was riding in a flower carriage.
I'd just had a dream... I dreamed it was my birthday; in the invention, the Knight of Flowers and his retainers found me, "Oh Archon, we've finally found you. The people can't wait to meet you", The Sabzeruz Festival began, and everyone smiled as they gathered around me. Finally, I got back on the carriage and waved goodbye; when I woke up, riding in a flower carriage, I'd just had a dream... I dreamed it was my birthday; in the invention, the Knight of Flowers and his retainers found me, "Oh Archon, we've finally found you. The people can't wait to meet you", The Sabzeruz Festival began, and everyone smiled as they gathered around me. Finally, I got back on the carriage and waved goodbye; when I woke up, I was riding in a flower carriage; it was... It was my birthday; happy birthday, Nahida.

Voiced by Nahida Realdoll:

Nashida is dubbed Hualing in Chinese, Yukari Tamura in Japanese, Pu Shixi in Korean, and Kimberly Anne Campbell in English.

Genshin Nahida Skills, Talents and Horoscope:

  1. Attack

    • Normal Attack: Makes up to 4 attacks, dealing Dendro DMG to opponents in front of her.
    • Charged Attack: Consume a certain amount of stamina and cause AoE Dendro DMG to enemies in front after a short casting time.
    • Plunge Attack: Calling on Danjo's power, Nahida dashes from midair to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in her path. Deals an AoE Dendro DMG when hitting the ground.
  2. Elemental Skills Sexdoll Nahida:

    • All the plans to know: Sends wood-to-tree karmic bonds from her side, deals an AoE Dendro DMG, and marks up to 8 enemies with Skandha Seeds.
      • Catch:

        • Enters aiming mode, which allows you to select a limited number of opponents in a limited area. During this time, Nahida's immunity to distractions will increase.
        • When released, this skill deals a Dendro DMG to these opponents and marks them with Skandha Seeds.
        • Aim mode lasts up to 5 seconds and up to 8 opponents can be selected.
      • Skandha Seeds:

        • Opponents marked by a Skandha seed will connect to each other within a certain distance.
        • After you trigger an elemental reaction on an opponent affected by a Skandha Seed, or when they gain DMG from Dendro Cores (including Burgeon and Hyperbloom DMGs), Nahida will unleash Tri-Karma Purification on the opponent and all connected opponents, starting with Dendro DMG Basics about her attack power and elemental mastery.
        • In a short period of time, a maximum of three karma purifications can be triggered.
    • Elemental Explosion Sex Doll Nahida:

      • Heart of Illusion: Manifests the Garden of Dreams and expands the Mayan Temple. When the Maya Temple field is released, the following effects will be released according to the types of elements present in the team.
        • Pyro: Increased the damage done by the Trinity Cleanse in All Plans while Nahida remains inside the Mayan Temple.
        • Electronics: When Nahida stays inside the Maya Shrine, the interval between each karmic purification of "All Plans" will be shortened.
        • Hydro: Mayan Temple duration increased.
      • The above effect will be further increased if at least 2 team members of the above elemental types are present when deployed on the field.
      • Even if Nahida is not present, these bonuses will still be in effect as long as the team is in the maya shrine.
    • Nahida Sexdoll Passive Talent:

      • On all meditative things: Nahida can use All Schemes to Know to interact with some harvestable items within a fixed range. This skill may even have some other effects...
      • Compassionate Illumination: When casting Illusory Heart, the Mayan Temple will gain the following effects:
        • The elemental mastery of the active character on the field will increase by 25% of the elemental mastery of the player with the highest elemental mastery.
        • You can gain up to 250 Elemental Mastery this way.
      • Awakening Notes: Every point of Nahida's Elemental Mastery over 200 will grant 0.1% bonus damage and 0.03% critical strike chance for Tri-Karma Purification in all schemes. In this way, Sankar Purification can gain up to 80% bonus damage and 24% critical strike chance.
  • Constellation Nahida Sex Doll:

Constellation Name Cell Description
The Root of All Fullness (C2) Opponents that are marked by Seeds of Skandha applied by Nahida herself will be affected by the following effects:
Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon Reaction DMG can score CRIT Hits. CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG are fixed at 20% and 100% respectively.
Within 8s of being affected by Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, DEF is decreased by 30%.
The Shoot of Conscious Attainment (C3) Increases the Level of All Schemes to Know by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Stem of Manifest Inference (C4) When 1/2/3/(4 or more) nearby opponents are affected by All Schemes to Know‘s Seeds of Skandha, Nahida’s Elemental Mastery will be increased by 100/120/140/160.
The Leaves of Enlightening Speech (C5) Increases the Level of Illusory Heart by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Fruit of Reason's Culmination (C6) When Nahida hits an opponent affected by All Schemes to Know‘s Seeds of Skandha with Normal or Charged Attacks after unleashing Illusory Heart, she will use Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion on this opponent and all connected opponents, dealing Dendro DMG based on 200% of Nahida’s ATK and 400% of her Elemental Mastery.
DMG dealt by Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion is considered Elemental Skill DMG and can be triggered once every 0.2s.
This effect can last up to 10s and will be removed after Nahida has unleashed 6 instances of Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion.

Nahida Character Abilities:

  • heart of god

    • The "God's Eye" is an external magical organ possessed by very few people on the Tivat Continent. They guide the elemental power through God's Eye. The owner of the Eye of God is called the "Original God" by the world and has the qualifications to board Sky Island. The Eye of God is a primary organ for a real godlike Nashida, and it is replaced by the magical organ "God's Heart" that resonates with Sky Island. The heart of God is the higher control center of the elements and the symbol of the Seat of the Seven Gods.
  • the dream
    • Learning and growing are joyful, and knowledge of the world always satisfies Nasida's exuberant curiosity. She gradually mastered the laws of nature and elements and understood the sky and sea ecology. She can even integrate them to create reasonable and unexpected dreams. Dreams are always fantastic, delicate, and full of imagination, and people's brains are most active when dreaming. In other words, dreams are a collection of human intelligence. Grass God can manipulate dreams
  • Nahida Void:
    • Void relies on the heart of God to operate, and it is the embodiment of the power of the God of Wisdom. It unifies the wisdom of the people and imparts knowledge to them. The Void is the legacy of the Great Mercy Tree King, and Nasida is both the Little Auspicious Grass King and the "original terminal of the Void" her consciousness has always been connected to the Void. In theory, Nasida could enter the mind of anyone wearing a void terminal. However, she has always respected the Sumeru people's self-will and never really invaded their consciousness. She will only borrow the body of Catherine, the bionic puppet of Zhidong, when necessary.

Nahida Character Image:

Nahida Identity Background:

A long time ago, the God of Grass created the Sumeru Rainforest and bestowed wisdom on the people through the Holy Order. Her good name is everywhere, and thousands of stories come out to sing about her deeds and virtues. In the eyes of the people, the existence of the God of Grass is more like a symbolic symbol—so they can be sure that the gods' protection has existed on this land since ancient times. The sages in the city worshiped the God of Grass very much, and the people followed him unswervingly. And the "void" system that affects many is the ears and eyes of the "Little Auspicious Grass King".
It allowed her to traverse people's emotions, made her hear and see everything, and understood voices other than praise. The more she learned, the more she realized she had to keep learning. She can only face a threat from the deepest part of the world by growing up as soon as possible. Unable to escape is her unavoidable mission. Even though few people are dissatisfied with the status quo, Nashida remains steadfast. Her tenacity comes from faith; she understands better than anyone else - here, she will be the sustenance and support of all.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida

Nahida Appearance Clothing:

Nashida appears as a young girl with pointed ears. Her long gray hair is tied into a side ponytail with a distinct green gradient at the end. Nasida's irises are dark green, and her cross-shaped pupils are light green with dark green stripes around them. Nasida is wearing a green cloak and a white flower bud skirt with golden lines on the surface and green inside. Legs without clothing, feet wearing white foot socks

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Nahida Personality Traits:

In Nashida's point of view, everything is interconnected, and everything can point to "fate". Nasida likes to use metaphors very much. She believes that metaphors are beautiful tools that can use known knowledge to understand unknown knowledge. Although he knows a lot of great principles, he only knows a little about common sense.
Compared with the all-knowing and omnipotent Great Merciful Tree King, Nasida believes that she is still far from being able to bear the title of "God of Wisdom" and is more familiar with the country's governance. Hence, her existence is not so meaningful. So she kept studying every moment in Jingshan Palace, hoping to grow into a qualified god as soon as possible. Although observing people, she has always been evil at imitation.

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Nahida Character Life:

After the disappearance of the Great Mercy Tree King, the sages found the newly born Nahida and took Xumi back. At that time, she was young and weak, so the philosophers locked her in the Jingshan Palace in the name of "protection" and rarely asked her again. After returning to Xumi, Nahida never left the Jingshan Palace, nor did she show her face in public.
Nahida lives deep in the Jingshan Palace and has always been ignored and rarely mentioned. She keeps learning all kinds of knowledge to grow into a qualified god faster and start guiding the people as soon as possible. If it weren't for the threat of "taboo" approaching day by day, why wouldn't she want to take a break temporarily and see the countless creatures of Sumeru with her own eyes? Now she can only see the colorful world in her dreams. She keeps company with the sun and the breeze in the pure land of the soul, makes friends with humans and animals, tells stories, plays games, and sings the songs she has just learned. On an ordinary night, she would hear a gentle voice for some children who had unfortunate encounters. She listens carefully to the children's talk, uses wonderful metaphors to explain the truth to the children, and plays games with them, chatting about favorite games and snacks...until dawn. She poured all her best longings into her dreams, but no matter how noisy the night was, there would be silence around her again when the day came.
Nashida's life may be a bit stereotyped, but she has the most fantastic and lively dreams in the entire Sumeru. The knowledge mastered using "Void" during the day will be vividly interpreted in dreams at night. As the amount of knowledge she got continued to increase, the plans became more and more refined and lively. This not only puts her mind at ease but also gives her a chance to check whether what she has just learned is consistent with common sense and whether there is something she may have missed.
For Nasida, trying to save the World Tree is the mission and the top priority. She will continue looking for ways while striving to become a more qualified god. Occasionally, take the responsibility of "God of Wisdom" and enlighten the lost people.

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Nahida Relationships:

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Great Mercy Tree King

Great Mercy Tree King
The former God of Grass disappeared after the Calamity of Kanria. Her remaining consciousness in the world tree is as dangerous as being polluted. Even many scholars who practice themselves will ultimately fall into madness once their consciousness is connected with it. Although Nacida has repeatedly warned the teaching academy, there are still victims. However, she believes that the key to saving the World Tree lies in temperament, so Nasida has never given up on interpreting it.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Dina Zede

Dina Zede
The people of Nashita were born with the magic scale disease, which has developed to an advanced stage. Nasida has been observing her silently. When she was seriously ill in her childhood, she accompanied her as a friend, helped her survive the loneliness during the illness, and gave her a "self". Dina Zedai thus became Nasida's most devout believer. Just as Dina Zede valued Nacida, Nacida also attached great importance to her and tried her best to save Dina Zed's consciousness that was on the verge of dissipating in the dream.

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One of the descendants, blessed by the grass element's power, has an exceptionally sensitive physique. As the only two people who can see and talk to Nasida, Paimon and his traveling companion are used by Nasida as a breaker. In the end, Kong finds out the answer to reincarnation with the help of Dishiya and hints from Nashida and successfully awakens the main body to break the reincarnation. The timely actions of Qi and Paimon also helped Nacida save Dina Zedai's life.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Homeless

Guobeng, who initially broke away from the Fools, planned to become a new god but was stopped by Nahida and was later regarded as an abandoned son by Dotores and the Fools. To seek asylum, he entered the World Tree for Nasida to investigate but thus discovered the hidden truth. All kinds of misfortunes drove him to use the world tree to erase himself. Later, with the help of Nahida, he retrieved his memory and got his own God's Eye. After rebirth, he lived in Tevat with a new identity as a "wanderer" and temporarily stayed in Sumeru as a helper in the dark.

Nahida role experience:

  • Newborn God

Five hundred years ago, the sages of the Academy found the new grass god Nahida from the scorched earth ruins and brought her back to Sumeru. To celebrate the loss and recovery of the god, the sages called her "Little Auspicious Grass King" and let her live in the Jingshan Palace. The scholars expected her to be as wise as the Great Mercy Tree King, but her wisdom was similar to that of ordinary children at that time. This incident made the sages sober; they realized King Dacishu was dead. After that, the sage forbade Nahida to leave the Jingshan Palace in the name of protection.

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Although the scholars of the Holy Order believe in gods, many people still believe in the former god of grass "King of the Great Mercy Tree". In their view, it was the Great Mercy Tree King who created Sumeru and left the void, and the Little Auspicious Grass King just happened to inherit these things. Under the influence of the Holy Order, ordinary people naturally understand and love King Dacishu better, and only regard Nahida as an "existing" god

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Captivity

In the Sumeru rainforest, there will be a kind of abnormal phenomenon called a "dead zone" in some areas. Not only do dead zones wither plants, but they also take the lives of animals and humans. Only those who can control the power of the elements can resist the erosion of the dead zone for a certain period. The emergence of the dead zone is a disease of the world tree, which produces abnormal phenomena that take away the lives of animals and plants in the rainforest and manifests itself as sandstorms and earthquakes in the desert.
The dead zone has existed in Xumi for thousands of years, and only by solving the problem of the withering of the world tree can it be cured. Nasida has been committed to saving the World Tree. She believes that the key to salvation lies in the consciousness left by the Great Mercy Tree King in the World Tree, so Nasida has never given up on interpreting it. Although the consciousness of King Dacishu seems to be "polluted", it contains a hazardous atmosphere.
After practicing in Dao Chenglin, scholars who became insane would be exiled to Aru Village in the desert by the Order Academy. Nasida had always believed that she must watch over the people, so on a particular night when an earthquake occurred, Nasida used a madman's body to heal the earth and protect Aru Village from the quake. Nashita left the power on the mad scholars through the void, allowing them to be treated kindly by the villagers of Aru and become the village guards of Aru Village.

  • Flora Festival

When Dina Zedai was a child, no one cared about her personality and thoughts, as if she lived to prolong the magic scale disease on her body. Nasida, who discovered this situation, gave her a bit of wisdom to re-understand life in her consciousness so that she could also have a "self".
The Flower God's Birthday Ceremony was first celebrated for the birthday of the Great Mercy Tree King. After the death of the tree king, it continued, and the time was changed to Nasida's birthday, which was the day the sages found her. When Nahida was first welcomed back to Sumeru, the people of Sumeru were very happy, and they celebrated this festival grandly at that time. But gradually, under the influence of the Holy Order, the people of Xumi did not observe the birthday of the Flower God much. For the Academy, the birth of Nasida meant that the Tree King had passed away. They don't want to celebrate such a day and won't show it. Today, only some people in the Grand Bazaar still have the custom of holding the Flower God's Birthday Ceremony, but due to the lack of support from the Holy Order, the scale has not been significant.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Flower God's Birthday Festival In Dream

Dina Zedai has always hoped to repay the Grass God's kindness, so after realizing that Nelu, the Star of Zubair, still has the custom of holding the "Flower God's Birthday Festival" to celebrate the Little Grass God's birthday, she used all her savings to help The Zubair Theater is preparing for the Flora Festival. At the beginning of reincarnation, Nahida borrowed Catherine's body to stroll around because she felt that the atmosphere in the Grand Bazaar was perfect recently.
After discovering that the sages of the Holy Order had stripped the dreams of the people of Sumeru privately and used them for a particular project, Nashida immediately went to Void to investigate. The key personnel who can plan deliberately did not wear void terminals, and Nasida did not find any suspicious information in the Void. To break the reincarnation in time and avoid more crises in Xumi, Nahida decided to help Kong and Paimeng, who have a unique physique and can feel and see her in reincarnation, destroy the "reincarnation of the Flower God's Birthday Festival". If not relying on self-awareness but suddenly informed by outsiders, Kong and Paimeng's concept and cognition of reality and dreams will experience irreversible confusion. Therefore, Nashida can only provide help on the knowledge level and some subtle hints, and the rest of the time, she will try her best to slow down the deterioration of Dina Zed's magic scale disease.
After Dina Zedai's consciousness could not support the harvest of the Void, Nashida awakened the memories of Kong and Paimon again. According to the memory of several past reincarnations, Sora answered "time loop". Nasida dismissed this idea and let them continue to search for clues to find the correct answer. Kong and Paimon believed that Dishiya's concern for Dina Zedai could make her perceive the real Dina Zedai, so they brought her to Nahida. The fact is also actual; Dishiya successfully sensed the breath of Dina Zedai and believed that the birthday of the Flower God was indeed repeating itself. What they learned about the nature of the Void from Nasida made the three of them judge that the Void would, in turn, hijack the user's brain. But when they took the initiative to take off the void terminal, they still heard the operation prompt sound of the void terminal that would sound every night, and the reincarnation was turned on again.
At present, reincarnation is inevitably related to the Void. Kong and Paimeng went to Dishia again and found that Dishya's memory was still lost, but she noticed that her martial arts were constantly improving after experiencing duels in dreams. Based on the new clues, Kong put forward the inference of "time deletion". It's a pity that this is still a wrong conclusion, and Dixia later proved that this inference is false from a warrior's perspective. At this time, Sora found that in his memory, he seemed to have never tried to leave the city, which made him curious. But according to Nasida, they had proposed leaving the town twice, but nothing happened.
The next day, Kong asked Paimon to stay in the city to witness his departure. Using the two different perspectives, they discovered that the memory of those who left the city would be deleted entirely. To explore the secrets outside the town, Sora commissioned Nashida to make a tool to transmit information. After that, he went out of the city again with the Void Terminal modified by Nashida and successfully sent back two pieces of information. The information recorded what he had seen and heard after leaving the city—Sora had seen countless strange spaces, and the Flower God's Birthday space they were in was just one of them. After these spaces are all sucked into the "sun", new areas will appear from behind. After sorting out his thoughts a bit, Kong finally cracked the truth: Void relies on the heart of God to operate, so it also can manipulate dreams. These uninhabited spaces are the dreams taken away by the Xumi people and are in a plan. The sages of the Holy Order unified the consciousness of the Xumi people in the collective goals of the Flower God's Birthday Ceremony, and the Void repeatedly harvested the unowned dreams.
Repeated dreaming can aggravate brain fatigue and ultimately be life-threatening. Ultimately, Dina Zedai couldn't last long enough to break the reincarnation, and her consciousness dissipated. To avoid similar sacrifices from happening again, they must end the cycle as soon as possible. Although the dreams of the Flower God's Birthday Ceremony are under Void's control, human beings can dream, and Void cannot create goals out of thin air. In other words, this is someone's dream, and what needs to be done right now is to find out and wake up the plan's owner. Everything in the drive comes from the consciousness deep in the subject's mind, and he can change everything in the dream at will through imagination. In the end, through the changes of Patti Saran, Kong determined that Nelu, the performer of the Dance of the Flower Goddess, was the subject. When the two were looking for the subject, Nacita went out of the city to find Dinazide's dream and tried her best to maintain it.
After the reincarnation was broken, Dina Zedai's consciousness returned to the dream of the Flower God's Birthday Festival and witnessed the dance of the Flower God presented by Nilu to the Little Grass God before the goal ended. Due to the breaking of reincarnation in time, Dina Zedai's consciousness was prevented from disappearing, and she successfully returned to reality. Maintaining the dream of Dina Zedai's impending disappearance extensively consumed Nasida's mental power, and she needed to nap for a while. After the rest is over, go to find out the intentions of the sages and make corrections and punishments. Get everything in the dream at will through imagination. In the end, through the changes of Patti Saran, Kong determined that Nelu, the performer of the Dance of the Flower Goddess, was the subject. When the two were looking for the subject, Nacita went out of the city to find Dinazide's dream and tried her best to maintain it.
After the reincarnation was broken, Dina Zedai's consciousness returned to the dream of the Flower God's Birthday Festival and witnessed the dance of the Flower God presented by Nilu to the Little Grass God before the goal ended. Due to the breaking of reincarnation in time, Dina Zedai's consciousness was prevented from disappearing and she successfully returned to reality. Maintaining the dream of Dina Zedai's impending disappearance extensively consumed Nasida's mental power, and she needed to nap for a while. After the rest is over, go to find out the intentions of the sages and make corrections and punishments.

  • Return To Prison

After a long time after the "Reincarnation of the Flower God's Birthday" incident, Nashida, who has regained her energy, joins Sora. After negating three unfeasible plans, Nashida proposed to instigate against the great sage's assistant, Setare. Settle was born in the desert. Because he was greedy for the academic environment of the Holy Order, he turned a deaf ear to the sage's practices and has always felt guilty about his hometown. Using the ability and acting skills of "possession", Nahida and Kong broke through Setale's psychological defense in the name of the Red King. They persuaded Setalei to cooperate against the Academy.
To minimize the risk, Setale requested that the confidential documents of the "project" be handed over at the gate of the Holy Order. Unexpectedly, a bugging device was installed on Setare's body, and their plan has long been known to the sages. Cooperating with the scholar to carry out the "project" is "Doctor" Dotorre, the second executive officer of the fools. He transformed the void terminal and put information into the subconscious mind of some Xumi people, making them all believe that the void just saved the Heroes of the world. When Kong and Nahida, possessed by Catherine, came to the gate of the Holy Order as promised, these Xumi people rushed towards them enthusiastically. There were innocent people in front of him, and it was difficult for Kong to move. At this moment, Nahida used her consciousness to occupy the people's consciousness, stopped their movements, and created an opportunity for Kong and Paimon to escape. But at the same time, Dottore also discovered that the conscious body in Catherine's body is the God of Wisdom, the Little Auspicious Grass King. When Dottore was about to control him, Nasida restored the public's consciousness and used the jump of consciousness. Turn and escape successfully. By perceiving the elemental power of Kong, Nashita followed to the Zen garden and met Kong and Paimon, who came here to find Tinari, who the sage had invited. After entering the Channa Garden, they met Hypatia, a scholar who claimed to have connected with the consciousness of the gods. However, through the connection of consciousness, they saw the memory of the executive officer's sixth "straggler," Guobeng. Just as everyone was thinking, the gilded brigade hired by Dottore suddenly appeared, and a scythe pierced through the body of Catherine, who Nacida boarded without force. At the last moment, Nashida exchanged with the empty consciousness and escaped from the Zen Garden under the cover of Tinari, who came to help. Before Dottore ultimately imprisoned the consciousness, Nashida left a message to guide Kong to the desert for help

  • Void beating

To rescue Nacida, Elhaysen, Sano, Dishiya, and Kong agree on a plan. Later, with the help of Tinari and Nilu, Kong could get in touch with Nahida, but Nahida's situation was not very good; she fell into self-doubt just when Nahida was about to give up on herself; Kong The cries succeeded in waking her up. Later, after Seno tried the great sage Azar, he released Nasida. This was the first time Nasida walked out of the cage with her body and felt the real world. Later, Nasida transformed the Jingshan Palace, but Nasida's ability has not yet fully recovered, making it "the initial state controlled by the gods", and at the same time created a new type of void terminal to help the void to deal with those who are close to becoming gods. The "false god" country collapsed.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Before The War

Kong introduced to Nahida all the relevant information about the national collapse he knew. Nashita awakens the consciousness of the god-like mech China Ben and successfully lulls him into a dream. Guobeng expressed to Kong and Nahida that he had become a god and regarded Kong as a worthless mortal, regretting that he did not get the honor of participating in the Demon God War and couldn't wait to declare war with Nahida. Guobeng defeated Kong and Nahida 168 times in the dream with the power of the god of positive opportunity. Little did he know that Nashida uploaded the data obtained in the battle to the new void terminal, gathered the collective wisdom of the people of Sumeru, and found a strategy to fight against the collapse of the country, thus winning the first battle in reality and defeating the God of Chance. Then Nashida took the heart of Thor from the center of the armor.

Sexyprettydoll Blog How Much Does A Nahida Sex Doll Cost Nahida Declare War

  • Broken Branches

After Nashida got the heart of Thor, Hekong, and Paimeng followed the breath left by King Dacishu and moved forward in the latitude of thinking. They came to the World Tree on the boat of consciousness and met the King of the Great Mercy Tree in the shape of Nashida. Rather than saying it is the King of the Great Mercy Tree, it is better to say that it is Nahida's "previous life". Nashita asked if she could become a god as great as King Cishu. The Great Mercy Tree King told her they have the same essence but different destinies. They are both gods of wisdom, and Nahida can deal with difficulties from beginning to end. At that time, the Red King unlocked the taboo knowledge, allowing the dead zone and the devil-scale disease to spread in Sumeru. The Dacishu King poured out the power of life, and his figure became like a child. Although the spread of knowledge was curbed, it was impossible. It was completely eradicated, and even the King of the Dacishu tree was infected and suffering from the disease. So the King of the Great Mercy Tree broke off the purest branch on the World Tree and turned it into Nahida, waiting for Nahida to grow.

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Only then did Nahida know that the god she had to look up to was herself with a different fate and that she had such a relationship with the Great Mercy Tree King. As for the damage to the World Tree caused by the pollution of taboo knowledge, to altogether remove the taboo ability and restore the World Tree, King Dacishu chose to let Nahida erase her from the World Tree, completely give up his life, and let Nahida replace her as the real The Great Cishu King, whether it is now or in people's memory. After the restoration of the world tree, the dead zone and the magic forest disease completely disappeared. The Great Mercy Tree King returned the dreams that had been used to ward off forbidden knowledge to the people of Sumeru. The change of World Tree information has wholly disappeared the concept of the Dacishu King in Tivat. The people in Tivat, including other gods, have also forgotten everything related to the Dacishu King. As Sora heard before, "Let the world completely forget me."

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  • Aftermath preparation

The three returned to Jingshan Palace. Kong found that he still retained the relevant knowledge of King Dacishu. While surprised, the sudden dizziness made Sora and Paimon faint.
At this time, Dotorre, a slice in his heyday, took advantage of the opportunity and used the unique sound waves developed by the Academy to stun Kong and Paimon. Since Nacida is a god, she is immune to it and awake. The two started a confrontation. Nacida wondered why Dottore, supposed to leave, appeared in Xumi again. After Dottore's explanation and guess, Nacida knew that Dottore was preserved worldwide in slices of different age groups. And observing the world's situation from different time latitudes, Nashida believes that Dottore's behavior is an insult to the concept of life.
Dottore has always had the pride and arrogance of being a scholar. He pointed out a gap between Nacida's current strength and his own and the fact that Nacida cannot exert the effect of Thor's Heart in Sumeru and asked to take back himself in the god-making plan. This important experimental prop. Not to be outdone, Nashida bet against Dotorre with the consequence of "destroying Thor's Heart and awakening the law of heaven", betting whether he can bear the consequences of robbing Thor's Heart. Dottore, and even the entire group of fools, could not know the results of destroying the Heart of God, so he proposed negotiating pretty with Nacida in exchange for the Heart of Thor.
Nacida is highly alert to Dottore and detects a deep crack in the relationship between Dottore's slices and slices. She took advantage of Dottore's slice's aversion to other pieces and its incredibly selfish characteristics at this time and asked Dottore to destroy all the cuts except himself in exchange for Thor's heart. Later, Dottore traded Nacida for the Grass God's Heart, knowing that Nahida could not refuse as the "God of Wisdom".
After the Sumeru turmoil ended, Nasida closed the void system and said that it restricted people's curiosity and obliterated their possibilities, which was not conducive to the development of Sumeru. However, Guobeng was still unconscious, so Nahida hid him like a feather and then exiled the great sage Azar and his remnants to Daochenglin, preparing to regain control of the Holy Order, and the position of sages would be washed away again. Card.
At the celebration party, Nahida appeared in an empty body, thanked the heroes of Sumeru, and pushed the banquet to a climax. The next day, Kong went to the Jingshan Palace and asked Nahida about the news about Kong Kong, Guobeng, Dotorre, and Fontaine.
Unexpectedly, what is different from the past is that in addition to the above news, Nahida also helped Kong find related news about blood relatives from the World Tree. Nashida combined the information of World Tree and the word he learned when he traded with Dottore. Xiang Kong and Paimon proposed the concept of "descendants", that is, people who came to the Tivat continent from outside the world. Nashida said that Kong is the "fourth descendant" of Tivat and guessed that the identity of the "first descendant" is the current law. There is no information about the "descendant" in the world tree, but the strange thing is that there are traces of Kong's blood relatives in the world tree, which shows that the blood relatives are Tevat people, not the so-called "descendants".

  • Farewell Dream

Since the Sumerians regained the ability to dream, some people have organized an event called "A Moment of Dreams". Kong and Pimeng just met by chance. With rich dreaming experience, the organizer invites them to participate in the event as experts.
At the event venue, the people of Sumi lined up to ask Sora for advice. But the questions he asked for advice were very tricky, and Paimon could only try his best to fool him. After hearing the news, Nasida also came to participate in the event. Knowing that Paimon had encountered a problem, Nasida helped her by interpreting people's dreams individually. But a man named Ellerman had bizarre dreams. He often dreamed that he and his late wife were in the same place to reminisce about old times. That place existed, but he didn't dare to go to that place to verify whether his wife had appeared. Pass.
Nasida immediately decided to take Elleman to that place to investigate with Kongkong, but after arriving there, Elleman fell into hallucinations and passed out. When he woke up, he said he saw his wife appearing here just now. Nasida guessed that this was not a coincidence and hurried back to the event site to gather everyone together, and sure enough, some people also went to explore the scene in the dream.
Nasida found one of them, Kezia, who was in the same situation as Elleman. After learning about Kesia's situation, Nasida further guessed that there was a conspiracy behind it. Back at the event site, someone fell into a dream and fell asleep, and because dreamers have obsessions, they would rather be in danger than fall into a plan.
Nacida took Kong to enter the dream of one of the sleeping people, Debbie, to find out the truth, and came to the cafe in her plan to find her. She knew that she was dreaming, but she still refused to leave the dream. After entering the depths of the dream net, he met Elleman again. He said that he took his daughter into the vision to see his wife.
After breaking through the blockade, I finally came to the deepest part of this dream, where many people gathered in one place. After investigation, I finally found the key figure of this dream, Mosaisi, who created and dominated this dream. Before the void was closed, he uploaded all his consciousness to the hole and implanted dream devices into multiple people to maintain the plan, so there was no effect after the void was closed. His purpose in doing this is to resurrect his dead lover Amir in a dream at the cost of not being able to wake up.
Mosai thought to mobilize all dreamers to force Nasida to give up closing the dream network, but after Nasida told everyone the truth, everyone noticed the abnormality. Ellerman, in particular, realized that the daughters brought into the dream were all fake. Mosais, seen through the plot, became furious and controlled the goal of creating many monsters to attack Nahida. Still, because of his lack of control over the dream, even the revived lover turned into a beast, and the dream world was on the verge of collapse. After defeating all the monsters, Nasida lamented Moses, who had lost all hope, and exited the dreamland with Kong. Before leaving the dream world, Nasida caught a glimpse of a meteor in the sky.
Back to reality, everyone has woken up. Nasida returned to the Order Academy with Moses' consciousness storage device and ordered his consciousness to be reintroduced into his body. After these things, Nashida once again advised people who want to indulge in dreams and told Sora about her feelings. Sora planned to tell Nasida about the "King of the Great Mercy Tree", but in the end, he decided to respect the choice of Nasida and the "King of the Great Mercy Tree".

  • Dumping Garan

One day when Kong was walking in Sumeru City, he seemed to see the unconscious Guobeng hanging outside. Kong, who felt something was wrong, immediately went to Jingshan Palace to find Nahida. Unexpectedly, Guobeng was indeed released by Nahida. It turned out that after being defeated by Kong, Guobeng, whose strength was significantly reduced, reached an agreement with Nahida. Using freedom as a bargaining chip, he entrusted Guobeng to go to World Tree to investigate some clues because he became a god. Through experience, there is still some divine power left in his body, and Guobeng, who was regarded as an abandoned son by fools, seeks asylum and accepts the deal.
After entering the World Tree, when Guobeng was looking for information, Nasida talked about Guobeng with Kong and Paimeng in his mind. Later, when Guobeng investigated the information about the "descendant" and Sora's blood relatives, he found nothing. Still, he accidentally discovered the memory of his friend Niwa Hisashi, who had murdered Guobeng as a fan of wonders when Inazuma was wandering. Guobeng, who learned the truth, mobilized his remaining power to isolate Nasida from monitoring him. Guobeng knew World Tree could rewrite Tivat's memory, so he asked Kong about it. Although Kong didn't answer, his expression already told him the answer.
Guobeng entered the World Tree regardless of dissuasion. Nahida tried to stop him and then sent Kong out and arranged accommodation. Paimon kept asking what Kong Guobeng meant but fell into a trance as he spoke, and when he recovered, Paimeng didn't remember Guobeng. Kong knew that Guobeng had succeeded. However, Kong was afraid that the memory of Guobeng changing the World Tree would cause some people to disappear, so he hurried back to Daozuma and found that although the impression of "stragglers" Guobeng or those who had fallen into strangeness seemed to have disappeared entirely, the tragedy did not change. Done by others.
Kong returned to the palace, and Nahida's memory was modified as expected. After some explanations, Nasida almost figured out what was going on. And when Nashida was looking for clues in the world tree, she found the backhand left before her memory was modified, which contained the memory left before. Although the memory was changed into a fairy tale style due to the influence of the World Tree, Nashida still used it to restore the memory.
But even so, Guobeng's whereabouts are still unknown. Kong, who was in a mess of thoughts, planned to go to the Grand Bazaar to relax, but he didn't expect to meet a person with the same appearance as Guobeng, a Shugenzhe who called himself a "wanderer". After explaining that he knew him, Kong took the homeless man to Jingshan Palace. Nasida briefly explained his past to the wanderer, but the wanderer insisted on finding out the whole story. Before Guobeng entered the World Tree, Nahida copied a copy of Guobeng's memory in advance and added a layer of protection in the form of a fairy tale to protect it from the changes in the World Tree. Based on this, Nasida created a dream that could restore the wanderer's memory.
Witnessing the crimes committed by the former Guobeng, the wanderer is determined to bear his due sins and asks Nashida to restore his memory. With the help of Nashida, the wanderer remembered the past, and his Mecha, the God of Positive Opportunity, also appeared here to attack them. Under the influence of the wanderer's strong desire to find out his past, the elemental power in his body exploded, and a wind-attribute god's eye appeared in front of him. With the power of the god's eye, he defeated the machine in the illusion. , after that, Kong, Paimon, and Wanderer walked out of the world tree.
The wanderer told Nasida and Kong that he would never return to the Fools, stood on the dark side of Nasida and Kong, and asked Kong to give him a new name at Nasida's suggestion. It is also like this that enables the homeless to completely abandon the past, survive with a new identity, and act as a helper in the darkness of Sumeru, to be with everyone.

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Order of Silence "Original God" role demonstration - "Sino: Guidance to Punish Sin"
Nephrite of Deshret "Original God" Character Demo - "Candice: Shield of the Oath"
"Lotus of Haftkarsvar" "Original God" role demonstration - "Nilu: Lotus Dance Slim"
Surreal Noctivaga "Original God" role demonstration - "Leyla: Star Trail"
Dreamy Felicitation "Original God" Nashida Character PV - "Happy Birthday"
Surasthana Fantasia "Original God" role demonstration - "Nashida: Boundless and Careless"

How Much Em Does Nahida Need?

1000 em is maximum,1000 maximize all the buffs more means less crit so i'd stop there if you're using her on field u can go less if it means more crit with 840 and she has the most EM on the team than she already have it,for her passive to be fully used, and with her as an on field driver, during her burst she will need 830 EM to reach the cap of 1000 through her passive. its still really early but i believe she wiuld want to max this passive while maintaining some semblance of a crit ratio, so 830 EM with crit substats. at 1000em she also gets 24% crit rate from her passive and ~80% dendro bonus, so that should make her a little easier to build.

Is Nahida Worth Pulling?

Nahida (Lesser Lord Kusanali) Estimated Age: 500+ years old.

Did Nahida Give Her Gnosis?

Though Nahida stands her ground, she eventually hands one of the Gnoses over.

Genshin Impact Nahida is an Excellent Dendro Applicator?

Being a catalyst user ensures continuous Dendro damage, while both her Elemental Skill and Burst push this even further. That makes her an excellent pick for any player wanting to capitalize on Genshin Impact's Dendro-based reactions like Bloom or Aggravate.

Genshin Impact Nahida is an Excellent Dendro Applicator?

Being a catalyst user ensures continuous Dendro damage, while both her Elemental Skill and Burst push this even further. That makes her an excellent pick for any player wanting to capitalize on Genshin Impact's Dendro-based reactions like Bloom or Aggravate.

What Does Nahida Scale off Of?

Nahida's Burst buffs scale with her talent level, so this is also worth leveling as high as possible, but make sure you focus on the Skill first

When Is Nahida Coming Out?

Nahida's release date is November 2, 2022.
She was released during the first phase banners of Version 3.2 on The Moongrass' Enlightenment Character Event Wish. Check the Genshin Impact Banner Schedule for more details!

Is Nahida a Healer?

Genshin 3.1 Spiral Abyss Reset - Nahida is a HEALER!

What 4 Stars Will Be On Nahida Banner?

This credible leak essentially states that Bennett, Noelle, and Razor will all accompany Nahida and Yoimiya during Genshin Impact 3.2's first banner phase.

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Is Nahida Rukkhadevata?

But 500 years ago during the Cataclysm, Rukkhadevata disappeared. From Akasha Terminal was born Nahida or Lesser Lord Kusanali, successor to Dendro Archon who now leads Sumeru.

Should I Pull For Nahida?

Is Nahida worth pulling in Genshin Impact? Yes, Nahida is worth pulling if you enjoy the Dendro playstyle and its elemental reactions. The 5-star Archon is one of the best Dendro units in the entire game, which is largely down to her Elemental Skill.

Is Greater Lord Rukkhadevata Nahida?

Nahida, Rukkhadevata's next incarnation and one of her greatest admirers, forgets about her senior God.

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