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How To Warm Up Sex Doll?

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A silicone doll is a very suitable doll for heating. It stays warm longer, even if her body surface temperature is higher and she lives longer. If you own a silicone sex doll, warming up the doll is more friendly. Don't be discouraged if your doll is a TPE sex doll. One of the following methods can help you warm up the doll.

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In addition, there are many articles on how to heat sex dolls, I agree with most of them, but some methods, which I do not recommend, have an impact on the doll's life.


Please try not to heat the love doll in hot water, as the doll's skeleton will rust if you soak the love doll in hot water many times so that the doll's body is more rigid. The lifespan of the sex doll will be drastically reduced.

Please keep the heating temperature at the human body temperature and not too high. The principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction also applies to sex dolls.

The method of heating the whole body of the real doll

Built-in whole body heater system

A built-in whole body heater system will heat the sex doll's body and her holes from the inside out. This is a more expensive method.

When you order a sex doll with a built-in body heater, the real doll will come with a wire that will plug into the doll's body, and the other end will connect to a wall outlet. Once you plug the love doll in, the electricity will heat her body to the set temperature in about 20-30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of heating the doll should not exceed 43 ° because the material of the doll may not be able to withstand the high temperature, and there will be various problems with the doll's body.

Heating your doll this way will give you a more authentic and enjoyable experience, and it is one of the most convenient ways to heat it.

Her shortcomings are also apparent, extra price + unrepairable + reasonable maintenance. Yes, because it is connected to various parts of the doll's body and needs to be charged simultaneously, it is challenging to be in contact with water for a long time. Once it reaches a critical point, it will be easily damaged and irreversible. If you need to use it long-term, it is not the best choice. If you only need to choose the short time for the best experience, the real doll with a built-in heater is perfect for you.

Electric Blanket

Electric blankets or heating blankets are valuable heating materials to make sex dolls more charming and realistic on cold nights. The heating blanket is set to keep the temperature not too high. When using them to heat sex dolls, it's best to keep them on a low setting and not exceed standard body temperature, as this may cause the TPE material to melt. Silicone materials may require higher temperatures, but try to stay within the same range. Plus, once you heat your silicone sex doll, she'll stay warmer for longer.

Method Of Local Heating

Heating Rod

Many friends who use sex dolls will probably use heating rods to increase the experience of real dolls.

Place the heating rod into the love doll's vagina or anus or another hole. It usually takes 2-3 heating cycles (usually 6 to 9 minutes per cycle) to heat your love doll to a suitable temperature.

A very suitable method may be the most comprehensive solution to the problem.

Local heating + whole-body heating

Turn on your heating or air conditioner and keep the temperature at 26°; place the real doll in the room and wrap a quilt or blanket over the sex doll. It may take 2 hours or more for the sex doll's body to warm up. But at the same time, use the heating rod to place it in the love doll's body for about 15 minutes before using the real doll. It will have no chance of damaging the doll. At the same time, a warm room will keep your body in top shape, one of the perfect solutions. It is very similar to the effect of the doll's built-in heating system.

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If you are planning to buy a doll now, I highly recommend you buy a silicone doll; although it is more expensive, it is costly for a reason.

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