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In August, 3 hot sex dolls in Sexyprettydoll store

Sexyprettydoll blog-In August, 3 hot sex dolls in Sexyprettydoll store poster

There are too many love dolls on the market, consumers need to spend a lot of time to find the sex dolls they like, and even in the search, we will be dazzled. To solve these problems, the real doll company found personnel responsible for recommending several sex dolls that meet customers' requirements. Choose a suitable sex doll from a combination of factors such as budget, favourite type, brand, function, shipping, etc. I will announce the three hot sex dolls in the Sexyprettydoll store in August.

Irontech 53cm5ft eSports girl TPE Sex Doll-Miyin (11)

The first sex doll is the WM doll brand, a classic doll. Its height is medium and suitable for men over 172cm because this position is more suitable for sex. She has a very good figure, big ass and big breasts, the most preferred figure for men. Its face looks cool. She has a very characterful appearance. Although her face is not the favourite type of man, her young face and mature body form a strong contrast, making people have a desire to conquer. Her price is high for many people, but she is worth the price. Her function is the best match. For North American users, she will be able to reach users within 3-7 days, with extremely fast logistics.

The second doll is the Irontech doll brand. This doll is very delicate and looks like a student in junior high school, giving people a feeling of youth and vitality. She is not tall, her breasts are not large, and she even looks thin. But in fact, many customers like her. Who wouldn't like such a young female doll? Her price is not high but not cheap. After all, her material uses high-quality medical TPE material. She is also fully functional, with three holes in her body. It must be able to meet your sexual needs. In terms of shipping, if you choose the configuration on the photo simultaneously in the United States, you will be able to receive the doll within 3-7 days after placing the order.

The third doll is the 6ye doll brand, a torso sex doll; her biggest feature is cheap. At the same time, it has a pure face and a curvy figure. It is one of the favourite types of men. What a very attractive doll. She has no limbs, but without defects in sexual function, she can meet all your requirements. Even her storage and transportation are very convenient. Do you need such an affordable sex doll?

The real doll's appearance is superior, and it can also meet the sexual needs of most people, but it is a commodity after all, and we still need to be social and emotional. Most of the time, returning to life will make you healthier.

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