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JY Doll is a solid doll brand under Dongguan Lingjun Silicone Products Co., Ltd., established in 2019. The company address is No. 19, Carole Industrial Road, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Production of solid silicone dolls, integrating R&D, production, and sales, mainly producing solid silicone dolls and TPE solid dolls. The company has more than 500 employees, including five special-level R&D personnel and 15 senior mold builders. At the same time, it also has a team of multinational designers with international vision and cutting-edge industry level, communicating with the world through the aesthetic perspective of Chinese and Western. It has a full-process production workshop industry-leading mold engineering and equipment R&D center.

In 2015, Liu Ying rented a small production workshop in a remote village, named her brand JY Doll, and began developing real-life silicone dolls. In the same year, JY Doll put the first doll product on Taobao, with a direct price of $1599. That year, JY Doll's sales exceeded one million dollars.
The Yimei doll community is the largest physical doll forum in China, and JY Doll physical doll is one of the hottest brands in the forum. The most popular is their "Xiaoqian" - pinched with a Korean actress as a template. The face is pure and lustful.

Xiaoqian sex doll is just a head shape, and customers can match different figures according to different preferences and needs. "We generally recommend that customers choose a certain height range because this way, the overall match will not violate the harmony." Xiao Zhang is JY Doll's clerk and the receptionist of the warehouse exhibition hall. She came to JY Doll after graduation, which is her first job.
"When I first came here, I felt a little strange and a little shy," but work is always work, and I got used to it over time. Xiao Zhang has received all kinds of customers in the showroom, and many customers do not shy away from their needs and hobbies. "If he is embarrassed, he will not choose offline, but directly buy online."

The exhibition hall is not big, and in the middle is "Xiaoqian," who is dressed in nothing. Other dolls sit or stand in the exhibition hall. Their faces are all exquisite, with plump breasts and slender waists. The people who come here to buy are all men, most of whom are single young men. "Most of them are white-collar workers. After all, you must have a certain financial strength to afford such dolls."

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There are also poor buyers. In 2018, a customer from Shandong took a green leather train to Dongguan for two days and waited at the factory gate before dawn. Come to the factory to have a look and choose by yourself." This client has a lot of pressure in life. After the divorce, he raised his daughter alone and took care of his 80-year-old mother. Dolls that cost thousands of dollars are not cheap for him, "but he needs them very much." To save money, he didn't even go to stay in a hotel but waited directly at the factory gate and took a two-day train back to Shandong after the selection that day.

The earliest sex doll originated in the 17th century, named the "Dutch wife." Since Dutch business people go abroad a lot, and their wives stay in the country, when there is a need, they use bamboo and rattan to make a cylindrical pillow to solve it. This kind of pillow is called "Dutch wife."
In 1956, the Japanese Antarctic expedition team set foot on the South Pole for the first time. To reassure the Antarctic expedition team in Antarctica, the Japanese Ministry of Education ordered scientists and psychologists to jointly develop "Dutch wife," code-named "Antarctic One." The team spent two years researching three doll prototypes, but they were scrapped because the results were too poor. After that, the government ignored it, and the scheduled Antarctic II was handed over to private enterprises for development. As a result, dolls bloomed everywhere as soon as the order was placed in private enterprises.

As the birthplace of sex toys, Japan's dolls are also benchmarks in the industry, especially the lifelike silicone dolls, which sell for $10,000. In China, the consumption level of silicone physical dolls is generally more than $10,000, and dolls mainly made of TPE materials are the choice of more baby lovers, "the price is cheaper, and the touch is softer."
With the development of Japanese dolls, there is a growing demand for realistic silicone dolls. Compared with TPE, silicone has lower "oil output," feels fresher to the touch, and is closer to the skin's texture. At the same time, the silica gel is also harder. The alloy skeleton imitates the human bone structure, and the doll's weight is 60 to 70 kilograms because the joints of the doll's limbs can only be twisted by people and cannot move and cooperate autonomously like real people. So it's a lot of work to use.

Liu Ying, the founder of JY Doll, recalled that the demand for dolls soared in the second half of 2018. "It is obvious that there are more and more single men." "A customer repurchased several times, and his bed and every corner of the room. There are dolls", and some people even bought a villa to put more dolls. It is also from this year that JY Doll have different skin colors, richer head shapes, and body shapes. SexyprettyDoll's long-term cooperative agents sell these dolls to the United States, Europe, and the world

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A sex doll is not just a tool. If you want a longer service life, you must take good care of it. Cleaning are essential. The sex doll's limbs must be restored when not used to prevent cracking. Some people put the doll in a box, and some dress up it and display it at home.
For many baby lovers, in addition to solving physical needs, dolls are also a kind of emotional companionship.

Three or four years ago, "The xiaoqian sex doll" became JY Doll's first hot item and is their enduring classic. Until now, they can sell more than 800 sex dolls every month. When it comes to the hot sales of "Xiaoqian," they attribute it to the "good-looking face" rather than the touch of the skin and the body's curves.
Body proportions and data can refer to anime, soldiers, and BJD dolls, but from the "face" on the 2D picture to the "head" in 3D, it depends on the experience and skill of the sculptor and makeup artist. It feels different." Therefore, "the face is the core asset of a doll company."

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The process of making dolls:

Using clay to create a shape is the first step in the birth of a physical doll. Then the sculptor will carve out clay sculptures based on the data and pictures to open the mold. After the mold is made, it can be mass-produced. The alloy material is used as the "bone," and TPE or silica gel is used as the "meat." After firing the material, it is poured into the mold, and after cooling, the edge is trimmed, and a solid doll is formed. At this time, the skin on the doll's limbs was white, like toothpaste squeezed out, without vitality and style. Only after applying makeup and color did she barely have a look.
In the workshop, the heavy work of tying the skeleton and pouring glue is mainly done by male workers, while most of the trimming and makeup on the assembly line is done by female workers. Their hands are generally covered with wrinkles and calluses. From head to toe, these hands have processed realistic skin details for the doll, implanted hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, and added delicate red lips and create the doll in their hands, Become a beauty with fine skin and tender flesh, white skin, and a beautiful appearance.

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Nude dolls are commonplace here; a sex doll is just an object, and people will not feel shy and embarrassed; the sex doll is carefully made and then packed into cardboard boxes and sent to all parts of the country. Occasionally, a very nice face shape and makeup will wow them briefly, but they will soon return to normal.
Sex doll buyers actively discuss on the forum, but the doll owners are not discussing how to have sex with sex dolls, but more about sharing the photos taken after their sex dolls are carefully dressed to their friends.
Some people will write the details of their relationship with the doll in a diary. They wash and dress her up and chat with her daily as if they were real people.

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Real Unboxing Scene Video:

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