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HR Doll - Real Sex Doll Suppliers Sale

HR Doll is a world-famous sex doll manufacturer brand. The production process is the same as WM Doll to produce realistic TPE sex dolls. The factory is located in Shenzhen, China.HR Doll is a professional manufacturer of full-size TPE &Silicone sex dolls. Make Not only female sex dolls but also many options for male sex dolls. it has reached the level of custom sex dolls. Such as sex doll heads, sexy hairstyles, eyes, Skin tones, pubic hairs, Finger Joints, and more. 

SexyprettyDoll's goal is to find the best real doll for you so your dreams can come true. To do this, we've partnered with the top manufacturers (WM Doll,6YE Doll, Irontech Doll) to bring you the best models, prices, and customization options. We are your best choice whether you are interested in TPE, silicone, or realistic-sized love dolls. Our team will guarantee the best customer experience and offer you sexy doll that best suits your needs.

Why Can HR Dolls Be So Realistic?

HR Dolls specializes in designing, producing, and selling lifelike sex dolls. HR Sex Dolls All are 100% original, and all designs are unique. The sculptors will shape the face and body according to different customer groups, which can maximize the realization of the face, hands, head, and other body parts. The most lifelike love doll the customers want. HR Doll can satisfy surrealism with reasonable prices and high-quality service, strictly follow the indicators of producing high-quality Real Dolls and strive to create a high-end doll brand.

How Best Do I Clean and Care For HR Love Dolls?

  • Keep your doll dry. After cleaning the doll, dry the moisture on the body in time to prevent moisture from entering the porous TPE and causing mold and material damage. The sex doll will significantly reduce the service life.
  • You can use talcum powder on the lifelike HR Doll TPE sex dolls as one of the grooming methods, and the fragrant powder can also make the skin feel smoother and softer. It's suitable for your doll, good for you, and prevents the oil from cracking, which is a beneficial method.
  • Use an air-drying method to prevent mold from forming. If the doll is not used, mold will form in the body's crevices, and moisture will remain. If it is not treated in time, it will cause many problems. Make sure you do not use unused inserts on the vagina of the doll. For added security, keep the shaft or similar in place to keep the doll's holes open to allow moisture to escape.