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Jinsan Mannequin has its production facility (located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area) and is one of the world's most giant lifelike sex dolls. As a pioneer of TPE materials and a sex doll manufacturer of many well-known brands, we have accumulated the most valuable manufacturing and R&D experience after twelve years of development.Create doll brand wm doll, also known as Jinsan doll. The main products are adult figures, sex dolls, realistic dolls, inflatable dolls, male appliances, women's masturbation devices, etc.

The realistic appearance is one of the most prominent features of WM doll. The human body shape, appearance, texture, temperature, etc., are the actual embodiment of the doll.

Development path

In 2006

Inflatable dolls occupied most of the market and were one of the mainstream adult products. This year, the founder of Jinshan Doll had a new idea to make more realistic sex dolls. In the next few years, the technical team of Jinsan Doll has concentrated on research and development of skeleton, materials, craftsmanship, and other technologies.

On September 9, 2015

The Jinsan Doll brand was established.

In 2016

So-called AI dolls were launched in 2016, offering simple conversations, touch moans, and heating functions. We continue to infuse the dolls with high-tech elements such as hair transplants, gel breasts, lube-free inserts (only flash water), and breathing apparatus.


From 2017 till now, I have never forgotten my original intention. Focusing on improving user experience, we are committed to approaching smart AI dolls not only as sex dolls but also as emotional partners.

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Customized Options Service

WM dolls provide the choice of 220 free heads and 33 paid heads. The materials of the heads are TPE and silicone. And the dolls contain various races, such as elves and vampires. What kind of face do you like? The face includes pure, refined, sweet, Asian, European, Latin American, African, and more.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Free Heads
Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Paid Heads

20 kinds of free wigs that include different colors, lengths, and shapes. WM doll has most of the hairstyles you want. If you are unsatisfied with the wig, we also provide hair transplantation, including TPE hair transplantation and silicone head hair transplantation.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Free Wigs
Sexyprettydoll blog wm doll supplier-Hair Implanted

Eyes are a special option. Beautiful pupil colors give people a different feeling, purple gives a mysterious feeling, blue gives a pure feeling, and black gives a deep feeling.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Free Eyes

The choice of breast material is an essential option. As a vital organ for sex, its touch gives a significant experience. The material of including latex, hollow, and solid.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Breasts

Choose pubic hair and vagina color. Do you have these requirements for sexual organs, choose as many as you can. If you don't choose, it will be consistent with the picture. In addition, do you know fixed vaginas and detachable vaginas? This is crucial; 90% of users choose a detachable vagina because it is more convenient.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Public Hair
Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-vagina

Areola size, nipple color This is a very detailed option; if you prefer a more realistic doll, you can keep her standard data. At the same time, lip makeup is also a detailed option. If you feel troublesome, keeping it consistent with the picture is also recommended.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Areola
Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Lip Finish

Nail and toenail color options, if you don't have a favorite color, it is recommended to choose the same color as the picture.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Nail and Toe Nail Color

Skin color is also a more meaningful choice; she can turn white skin, black skin, yellow skin, etc., depending on the choice.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Skin Tone

The tongue is an essential tool for oral sex. If you are a lover of oral sex, you should be willing to check this option.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Mouth Add on

Regarding standing and skeleton, I am willing to choose freestanding. She has little influence. As for the skeleton, it depends on personal budget choice.

Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Standing Add On and Skeleton

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Sexyprettydoll blog WM Doll Supplier-Extra

About Sexyprettydoll

Sexyprettydoll is an online store that can sell dolls owned by wm doll shop. Became one of the agents of wm doll. At the same time, it is an agent of many brands of dolls, and you can find almost all types of dolls on the market in the store.

Methods to prevent genuine counterfeit products:

Each WM doll is attached with an anti-counterfeiting code query, displaying the number of inquiries. You buy a WM doll in the Sexyprettydoll store, and you will get the anti-counterfeiting code after receiving the doll to prove whether the doll is genuine.

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